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texaco and chevron

Our stations are changing from Chevron to Texaco

You might have noticed that Chevron stations have been disappearing and Texaco stations popping up in their place. We’re here to reassure you that the only change is the name. You’re still getting the same great gas and the same great service with the same friendly faces you see everyday. See a list of our newest Texaco stations »

We’ve answered the most popular questions that we’ve been receiving during this change and we’d like to share them with you.

Q: Are my Safeway Rewards Points or Chevron/Texaco credit cards still valid at Texaco stations?
A: Absolutely – you will continue to receive the benefits you’ve always enjoyed with Chevron.

Q: Will Texaco gasoline be different than Chevron’s?
A: We know Hawai‘i drivers love Techron. So, we are committed to carrying the exact same high-quality gasoline with Techron at every grade.

Q: How will Texaco impact the people that used to work at the Chevron stations?
A: With more than 99% of Chevron employees in Hawai‘i staying with Island Energy and Texaco, you can be assured the friendly, knowledgeable people you know and trust will continue to serve you.

Q: Is this the first time Texaco has come to Hawai‘i?
No. Approximately 20 years ago, there were Texaco franchises in the Islands. After the franchisee left Hawai‘i in the 1990s, Chevron USA bought Texaco nationally. Today, Texaco is a valued Chevron brand offering the same high-quality Techron gasoline.

In November of 2016, the locally run and managed Island Energy Services bought Chevron USA’s Hawai‘i assets, including the Chevron service stations in Hawai‘i. Since Chevron no longer owns the stations here in Hawai‘i, it was decided to switch to their sister brand, Texaco. Learn more about Island Energy Services »

Q: What is Island Energy Services?
A: Island Energy purchased Chevron’s refining, distribution and retail assets in November of last year. This included stations on O‘ahu, Maui, Kaua‘i and Hawai‘i Island. We are a locally managed company headquartered in Kapolei. With 99% of Chevron’s Hawai‘i employees choosing to stay with Island Energy, the people of Hawai‘i can rest assured that we are continuing our legacy of safe, reliable and environmentally responsible operations. This is an exciting opportunity for Island Energy to build on the strong foundation that Chevron established while improving operations and expanding the business across the state.

Q: Is Texaco building new stations in Hawai‘i?
A: We are now concentrating on updating existing Chevron stations to Texaco with Techron stations. You can continue to count on our convenient locations statewide. Our stations will still be a part of the Chevron-Texaco family. We are always looking for ways to better serve our customers and opportunities to expand our service station network.

Q: What is Techron?
A: It is an unsurpassed fuel additive that is found in every grade of Texaco gasoline. It’s the very best at keeping your engine clean and protected – allowing it to run at its best. Texaco is the ONLY gas station that offers Techron in every grade. For more information, please visit


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